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In Memory of Our Fallen Heroes


Cpl. Marcus Stiles K 11  and Ptl. Lonnie Wells K 15   

      End of Watch - March 25th, 2007

Police Officer's 23rd Psalm

The lord is my shepherd,

I shall not want,

His comforting hand reduces fear to naught;

He walks me through the streets of crime,

But he gives me courage and peace of mind.

He leads me by still waters in the path I trod,

And he says in roman's I'm a "minister of god",

He leads me in righteousness as he restores my sole,

For his name's sake he keeps me whole.

When I walk through death's valley,

Right up to the door,

I will fear no evil,

For he comforts me more;

For thou art with me every step of the way,

As thy rod and thy staff protect me each day.

He prepares a table,

Especially for me,

As I work daily among life's enemies;

He gives me authority to uphold the law,

And he anoits my position in the midst of it all.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me,

Each day of my life through eternity;

As I long to hear him say 'well done..."

When I lay down my life, my badge, and my gun.

Author Unknown


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