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Welcome to the Town of Moncks Corner! The Town was named for its landowner, Thomas Monck, back in 1728. With our old-fashioned hospitality, southern charm and history you’ll want to visit more often or possibly stay! Come visit our historical Train Depot! It has a visitor’s center with a gift shop that has information on the Town and unique gifts. Or take a trip to Mepkin Abbey, the monastery is a very important part of our town’s history. If you are in the mood for shopping we have local shops that will satisfy your shopping needs and after all that shopping stop in one of our many local restaurants for a bite to eat. After one visit we are sure that you’ll want to come back. For more information Contact Us.


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Hold to the Past... Reach For The Future
"Where Life is a little slower, a little calmer and a little bit sweeter in Moncks Corner"

Here is a message from Mayor William W. Peagler III!



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One June 6, 2014 Speaker of the House John Boehner visits

Abbie Brown at A & M Brown's BBQ



Mayor William W. Peagler III, Town Council, & Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina Troops





Whitesville Elementary School Stamp Design Contest


Postmaster - Kimberley Williams

Whitesville Elementary Principal - Julie Denning

Office Asst/Records Clerk - Jodi Harkins

Teachers in attendance - Casey Thompkins and Marilyn Calo

Stamp Design Winners:  1st place - Haley Donovan

2nd place - Maddie Johnson

3rd place - Jack Readdy

Honorable Mention - Haylee Hunnicutt


Start your journey in the Boy Scouts of America and find experiences that last a lifetime. Call 843-763-0305

Town Ordinances


Single Sort Recycling

The Town of Moncks Corner is proud to announce that Republic Services is now offering curbside recycling to the residents of Moncks Corner. The Town has awarded the recycling services bid to Republic Services to bring our citizens the option to have their recyclable material collected at their curb once a week starting October 1, 2012.


All recycling Convenience Centers will remain open free of charge. These centers are located in the parking lot of the Berkeley County Office Building, Stoney Landing Rd. just beyond Berkeley Intermediate School and School St. beside Berkeley Middle School. Curbside recycling will be collected each Monday between 7AM and 7PM, so please have your recycling container at the curb by 7AM.


This is a voluntary program and the cost for curbside recycling is $2.50 a month. This charge will be added to your monthly bill sent by Moncks Corner Water Works. Startup will also require a one-time non-refundable fee of $10.00. This fee will be used to help offset the initial cost of purchasing roll carts and will be paid to the Town of Moncks Corner during the registration process conducted in the Administration Office in the Town of Moncks Corner Municipal Complex located at 118 Carolina Ave.

A brief list of approved recyclable materials is as follows: (Please note these items can be mixed in your Roll Cart)

  • Plastics numbered 1-7 (usually found on the bottom of the container)
  • Aluminum and steel cans, “tin” cans, including aluminum foil
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Oil bottles with lids (if motor oil, must be free of gasoline/diesel)
  • Paper products, to include corrugated cardboard (no wax finish)

For questions about curbside recycling, please call Missie at (843) 719-7900.

Click here to download application


Business license for the calendar year 2014 are due to the Town of Moncks Corner January of each year. Business License not obtained on or before April 30, 2014 will be subject to penalties of five percent (5%) each month, compounded monthly.

Licenses are required for most business activities, not just retail businesses. All businesses with questions should call or come by the Town of Moncks Corner to determine if your business activity requires a business license.

Business License applications can be obtained from the Administration Office of the Town of Moncks Corner located at the Municipal Complex, 118 Carolina Avenue. Please be advised that failure to receive a notice shall not constitute a defense to prosecution for failure to pay the tax due or grounds for waiver of penalties.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and if you have any questions regarding Business License, please feel free to call 843-719-7900 for assistance.

Accommodations Tax 

In an effort to ensure that revenue collected as a result of the two percent (2%) accommodations tax are identified and distributed appropriately, the South Carolina Department of Revenue (SCDOR) is requesting your assistance.

The SCDOR has created an Accommodations Tax Fact Sheet (please see attachment).

The information contained in this document is intended only to provide general information related to sales tax imposed on accommodations.

The fact sheet answers the following questions:

  • Do you have to register with the Department of Revenue to pay the statewide sales tax on accommodations?
  • How do I obtain a retail license?
  • What is the cost of a retail license (for accommodations) and how long is it valid? Do I need to renew it every year?
  • If a person charges for renting a room or for otherwise furnishing sleeping accommodations, would the charge be subject to the state sales tax and what is the tax rate?
  • Are there any charges for accommodations that are not subject to sales tax?
  • How do you report and pay tax electronically?
  • What form or forms do you use to report and pay sales tax on accommodations?
  • When is the accommodations tax return due?

This document will be posted on the DOR website and distributed to attendees of our Accommodations Tax Seminars and Basic Accommodations Tax Workshops (coming in 2014).

Link to Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report